Tips To Curate An Extraordinary Ethnic Look

No woman in this world can have enough ethnic attires. But the thing with ethnic ensembles is that women believe that there is only so much they can do to make it look like a million dollars. But this conviction is far from reality! All it takes is a couple of tweaks and a dash of confidence to rock the same old ethnic sartorial in a completely different way!

  • Experiment with bottoms:If you have worn a printed palazzo all your life, it is time to swap it for something more unconventional. Dhoti pants, cigarette pants, or even culottes are a great way to revamp your appearance. If you are not someone who likes to experiment, try a different printed palazzo. For instance, if Sanganeri Print palazzo has been your go-to for the longest time, switch it for Indigo Printed Palazzo.
  • Play around:Believe it or not, everyone has a sense of style. Now, unfortunately, because of this trait, most end up choosing the same styles, colors, or sartorial over and over again. Take a look in your wardrobe. Do you think it is filled with the same prints, patterns, or colors? For instance, some women have their closets filled with black color. While others have it crammed with the stunning sanganeri print. If you fall under this category, be slightly more mindful when you are shopping next time. This way, when you are dressing up, you will always have more options at hand and your consistent ethnic look loop will be broken! 
  • Put funk in your footwear:Some combinations have been and will always be a classic. But when contemporary is on your mind, you will have to embrace what’s in and at the same time be ready to go hip! So, for example, if Cotton Maxi Dress and mules are a no-fail pair, on donning the same, you’ll look beautiful for sure. But if you replace mules with a vintage kolhapuri chappal or open-toed wedges, just imagine how many eyebrows you will raise! Likewise, if your cotton maxi dress is solid, opt for heritage print heels to steal the show with your extraordinariness. 
  • Accessories to the rescue:Nothing can make you stand out like the right accessories. With a bigger-than-life pool to choose from, no matter how picky you are, you will always find accessories that match your vibe. But boring, run of the mill or wrong accessories can only take the charm away from your attire. To give it the necessary edge, know when to go statement and when to go subtle. For instance, you choose to wear an adorable but heavily embellished Anarkali Tops for one of your family gatherings. If you wear a loud necklace, you might rip off the appeal of your Anarkali top. Trade it for no necklace, subtle earrings, and a chunky clutch and witness how everyone calls you the one who redefined Anarkali tops styling! 



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